Happy to announce COVID-19 Travel Insurance Cover

The summer holidays is always a welcome break and wherever we are we should make the most of it and put certain subjects to the back of our mind (easier said than done sometimes).

Our summer has been very productive, but now we are looking forward to September and the release of some of the projects we have been working on over the last months.

One of those projects has been around travel insurance and of course COVID (yes I said it).

In short, but REALLY BIG NEWS, if you decide to travel and take the “True North” travel insurance policy provided by Endsleigh, we now have cover for COVID-19. Below is the main points of cover in laymen’s terms of what the cover does for those who cannot travel due to COVID-19;

-         For individuals that are hospitalised due to COVID-19

-         For individuals that are positive with COVID-19 and are in quarantine

Naturally in each case this has been verified by medical professionals and NHS test and tracing systems. Individuals will be able to claim upto 100% of the monies they have paid.

So what does this mean?

It means you can travel with confidence, it means that if you have "drop-outs" the trip can continue, and it means that for those that sadly had to pull out for now fault of their own, they will get their money back when they make a claim.

I can hear you thinking – “what is the catch or what isn’t covered?”

-         This cover can’t be used for a group cancellation

-         If there is a local lockdown in the UK preventing travel or FCDO travel advises against travel to your destination

-         If there are quarantine restrictions on entry to your destination country or return to UK 

We say, don’t let these things get in the way of making a booking, we have your backs and our “Booking with Confidence” booking terms secure that you are covered. 

There might be the unknowns in regards to local lockdowns and potential quarantines, but we can as customer and service provider still talk to overcome and find a suitable alternative.

We take this news of insurers backing COVID-19 as a massive positive step to ensuring we can be confident and secure. True North offer travel insurance as a service. For those who want to discuss, understand and want to know more, please get in touch with me (Simon) or one of the True North team.

Endsleigh is the insurance provider and the policy is a bespoke to True North groups. We feel the policy provides protection and support the groups need whilst they are travelling. After being in the travel industry for over 25 years, we know what the policy must have are and we take comfort in the policy providing comprehensive cover. Endsleigh has invested a great deal of time within our market and working with partners to ensure a very high quality service and assistance when its needed most.

About Endsleigh

Endsleigh was originally formed in 1965 by the National Union of Students (NUS), when students were experiencing severe difficulties in obtaining competitive insurance. Today Endsleigh is the largest student and youth insurance brand in the UK, providing cover for in excess of 500,000 new students each year.