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Our aim is to make the process of booking your school ski trip as straightforward as possible and we are here to support you every step of the way. We will be on hand throughout to answer any questions you may have and support you in any way we can, to make organising your next trip simple and stress free.

Welcome to S.A.M. - Simple And Methodical

We know how laborious and time consuming planning a group ski trip can be so thought long and hard about how we could make the process easier. So we have embraced technology and are really excited to introduce you to S.A.M - Our revolutionary group booking platform. This has been created with input from party leaders to make the process of launching and collecting your student information prior to departure as straightforward as possible.
We create a bespoke trip page for your group where parents and students can register interest and sign up their children on the trip. This has detailed information about your package, resort web-cams and 360 degree hotel tours. We then use the platform to collect all the usual information we need prior to travel - passport details / dietary requirements / ski experience etc, etc..  
S.A.M. is simple to use, looks fantastic and keeps all the data safe and secure. You even get a mobile App to access all your trip information whilst you are in resort.

Group trip planning reimagined

Quote and trip approval

 Your detailed quote will be transformed on your trip page. View images, videos and information on your resort, accommodation and the rest of your package. You will also be able to access all the documents you need to get your trip approved.

Parents & Students - Interactive brochure

When you are ready to go we will set up your page so you can launch your trip in the same way you always have. You'll have full access to the system so you can monitor sign ups, send payment reminders and answer parents questions. The trip page becomes an interactive brochure / portal to promote your ski trip and communicate with parents securely and efficiently

Mobile App - All your trip information in the palm of your hand

Our app works on & offline and has the majority of functions of the desktop version.  You want to check something whilst you are on the plane? Update the parents during your tour? Access your insurance policy? Check a passport number? No problem. All data is stored securely and GDPR compliant.

A taster of our resorts

Consultation & Sign Off

All our trips are inclusive packages based on the criteria we have discussed with you. Our enquiry framework is designed to capture as much of the information we can to deliver quality and efficiency during this stage and after sign off. You are in control, but we can help you by providing a range of useful materials and resources to help get your trip signed off and promoted to students and parents.

Itinerary & Engagement

Every school is different and has specific requirements throughout the process of launching a trip. You will have a dedicated expert as a point of contact throughout your booking journey with us. They will keep you regularly updated with what's going on and will be on hand to answer any questions and provide whatever support you need.  Consistency and effective collaboration are the key. 

Active Delivery

We are very pro-active in our approach to supporting you whilst you are travelling. Pre departure calls, 24 hour emergency contact, in resort representation, mid tour calls and True North senior management visits are all part of the agenda. It's important for us that we know you are having a good time, and if you need assistance, we can provide that when it's needed, rather than after the event.

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Travel Insurance

We have worked with insurers Endsleigh to build a comprehensive policy that includes cancellation and curtailment cover specifically relating to COVID-19, and has been bespoke to winter sports activities. Our "Travel Leader" that accompany you on your trip are well averse to the processes of the Endsleigh policy, and will help you to get the right information in order for you to make the call and next steps as efficient as possible. CEGA (the assistance company) are renown for being one of the best, which provides comfort that you know action is being taken. When you make an enquiry we can send you a complete copy of the policy which you can opt-in to any time prior to your final balance payment. For more questions regarding the policy you can speak directly to our ski experts or contact Simon .

As part of the booking process and our terms and conditions we require all groups to confirm they have adequate insurance cover to undertake the trip, which needs to include winter sports cover.

Safety & Travel Advice

We are focused on delivering high quality snow-sports tours and place the safety and wellbeing of students and teachers at the centre of our planning. We strive to surpass the minimum requirements and those used by traditional ski tour operators as described in the True North Travel Safety Management System summary. We understand that schools will want to fully understand our safety policies and procedures before booking and we will work with you to help ensure that all the information necessary to make this important decision is made available.


Inspection Visits


we can organise inspections visits for you prior to your group trip. We understand that  many of you want or have to visit resorts before taking your students and we are very happy to organise this for you. Just let us know at the point of enquiry. 


We organise group inspections visits to different places each season. These are the perfect way to explore new destinations, hang out with other like minded party Leaders and spend time with the True North team.  

Risk Assessments - BS 8848

We comply with British Standards 8848 (Overseas Ventures & Expeditions) known within the teaching and outdoor education community  as the high standard of risk assessment and safety. When booking with True North you will have access to risk assessments specific to your trip.

Wanting more information?

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DfE updated its coronavirus operational guidence 10th May 21

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