Summer Schools done the 'True North way'

Taking the next step for students can be exciting, finishing their years of primary education, and making their leap to secondary school - New school, different surroundings and a more grown up approach. Our summer schools are designed to help that transition. They are fun and incorporate practical learning with familiarisation, both from a "getting to know" the school site, but also their peers who are joining the school from other primary schools within the catchment area.


What makes our Summer Schools different? - They take place, at the school your child is going to go to, when the term starts in September.

True North Summer School

Practical learning, orienteered to Key stage 2&3 curriculum. A great head start to the school year. Fun and engaging, allowing all students to play a part, supported by the teachers and senior students from the school.

Core Objective

Our Approach

Every school is different, has different values and facilities. We work with the school leaders to provide the right programme. Although bespoke we have a core structure that has been developed over time which includes not only an educational element, but also the safety and well being of all the students and staff members who are part of the summer school.

  • 5 day programme
  • 1:15 student to staff ratio
  • Well being & Safety paramount
  • Key stage 2&3
  • Wrap around pre/ post school times
  • Fun & Laughs Guaranteed

Practical learning promoting the values

Resilience & Motivation

Teamwork & Trust

Leadership & Commitment

Fairness & Respect

Responsibility & Personal Best

Collaboration & Effective

Theme for the week - creating a theme is important to allow time for progression and reflection


Progressive challenges

'Everyone has a place at the table - each days events are there to create and support interaction, where everyone has a voice. After some instruction the students are encouraged within their groups to develop a bond and lead, listen and act together to complete interesting and fun challenges. Academic outcomes can be later realised after the events from the skills obtained and how these learnings can be used in the future.

Monday to Friday 5 day programme - based on general school day times

Managed Risks

Inherently the summer schools that we run are low risk. Our safety management system includes pupil registration/parent & guardian drop off and pick up procedures/ pre summer school training/ crisis management/ DBS checks/ Onsite management and full risk assessments for each individual activity. 

Getting Started


Giving your students a great start to their secondary education. The school's values and objectives are incorporated in all the planning, promotion, and overall management. 


The well-being, and safety of all students and staff members is crucial, as well as, ensuring the programme is engaging, fun, obtaining new skills, and learning is achievable.


Time for ratification and reflection is important. What went well? & even better if...! Giving your students the chance to understand, what they have learned, emits confidence.

Make promotion and sign up easy.

A professional way of promoting your Summer School to the primary parents couldn't be easier. After you have communicated with your Primary catchment schools and colleagues, you can deliver a professional and informative web page to the parents. Its safe and secure and allows you to communicate with the parents and guardians, allowing them to sign up, provide important details, and ask questions. This page will be bespoke to your school and you will have access to all admin areas to help manage further messaging and reporting.

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