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Seeing is believing... Let S.A.M. help to promote your trip. Where & when with the highlights laid out in a professional and visual manner. Don't yet know who wants to be part of your next trip... Easy, ask them to simply click and show their interest, or if you already have a pre existing list of participants, ask them to sign up. 


You are the organiser, but you have many stakeholders you want and need to involve. Never before has it been so easy to let everyone be a part of the amazing trip or conference you have organised for them.

Extremely Useful

We already know what a powerful tool S.A.M. is... we are still unlocking its total potential, but those trip organisers using it have really seen the benefits. - Easy to use
- Engaging & Inclusive
- Trackable progress
- Easy communication to all group participants
- Pre defined information requirements (tasks) for participants to complete
- On & Offline capability
- Visual and informative
- Detailed trip itineraries- Trip organisers app
S.A.M. does the work for you!

"We appreciate that organising a group trip can be laborious and time consuming. We thought long and hard about how we could make it easier and are excited to introduce you to S.A.M. - Our revolutionary trip platform. We have embraced technology, taken feedback from party leaders and believe we have created something that brings group travel planning into a new age". 

Quote & Sign Off

Your trip page has detailed information, images and videos for all the elements of your trip. It also includes your quote pack, payment schedules and booking conditions. In addition it provides you with documents    to support the sign off process and help you launch. 

Trip Launch  - Interactive brochure for parents and students

When you are ready to go we will set your trip page up so you can launch your trip in the way you want to. S.A.M. becomes an interactive brochure for parents and students. They can register interest, sign up. We'll then use the platform to collect all the traveller information we need prior to departure - dietary & medical information, ski experience, passport details etc.  

Mobile App -  All your tour details in the palm of your hand

Our mobile app works on & offline and has most of  the functions as the desktop version. Need to check something whilst you are on the plane? Want to update the parents during your tour? Need access to your insurance policy? No problem. All the data is kept securely and is GDPR compliant. 

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