This is really exciting...

We've been asked many times to run sports tours, so we are excited to do so through our partnership with Smile Group Travel.

We want what is best for our partner schools, and for those of you who know and work with us will definitely have the experience to affirm that True North "do not do things that we can't do well". There is no difference here in our approach to sports tours - YOU will get the same level of Personal Service, Detail & Support you have come to love!

Our Partnership with Smile

Sports Tours isn’t a new industry to us, we have all worked with sports tours over the years in a multiple of roles, building products that cater for specific school needs, both at home, across Europe and longhaul destinations, and worked with many professionals and specialists within the destinations to enhance the tours through using excellent facilities to train and play, and just as important the local teams of all age ranges and abilities to make those memorable matches come alive. 

We think about our customers a lot, we think about the service we provide, the quality that we feel proud to deliver, and the knowledge that the facilities and destinations are reliable and safe. With all these considerations, we have teamed up with Smile Group Travel, and together we will be providing you with everything above, and the specialist expertise that Smile have as sport tours specialists.

True North & Smile
  • Shared Values
  • Personal Service
  • Great Experiences
  • Specialist Knowledge & Expertise
  • Support & Security
  • S.A.M. Trip Pages

"We don't offer any tour we know we cannot do well" - True North Travel

Specialist & Multisports

Depending on your requirements, we have a destination and programme that will "fit the bill". Sport has always played an important role in schools, and quite rightly so. Cricket, Netball, Hockey, Rugby, Football, Tennis... and more! Below is just a taster - so please give us a call and we can listen and find the right programme and destination for you!

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Lots of different destinations, but as you can imagine with the game - Longhaul is the ultimate experience

TN Tip - Barbados

Cricket - Barbados.pdf

Quality Fixtures, coaching and training arrangements. Participate in a tournament with guaranteed sun!

TN Tip - Sign up for a tournament

Netball - Barcelona.pdf

Great competitive teams - Holland is a particularly popular destination, good facilities and close to home

Disney Experience

Hockey - Disney.pdf

Predominantly Union, but League is featuring very soon. Multiple options and quality destinations available

Girls & Boys

Rugby - South Africa.pdf

It's nice to train & play in the sun, but we also have some elite experiences available on our home turf

Home & Away

Football - London.pdf

Played across the world. Naturally USA is the pinnacle, however we have great facilities for all abilities

TN Tip - Boston

Basketball - Boston.pdf

Multiple squads, multiple sports and a wonderful vocational experience. Ideal for larger groups

Custom made


We have watersports in our blood, and our True North Exclusive centre is....

Coming Soon!

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