Many hands...

Communities generally have a common point of interest, have each others backs and like to share to better the surroundings and experiences. We see this area as a place to share ideas and elevate our mood, but to do this it requires some input from you, sharing your experiences and stories.

A seat at the table

Every 6 months we open our doors (or choose a location) for a company get together to look forward and we are keen for you to be involved whether you are a customer, True North follower or passionate traveller. This isn't about strategy & its not about performance, but more a time to engage and obtain a different perspective. Its not all work mind you and there are a few thank you's for being involved. After every futures meeting we will spread the word of when the next one will be on FB, so please DM us or send us an email to register your interest. Our approach is broad, but we always have participants from the education and business sectors, along with parents and enthusiasts. 


We like to work with people who are like minded, can challenge us, are good at what they do and benefit the community in one of many ways, whether that be an individual, a group or specific sector.

Snow Camp

Snow Camp is the charity which True North supports. Its purpose is to give young people from inner-city communities across the UK positive futures through snowsports. Stop.Breath.Think is their latest campaign available to all offering free counselling to young people across the UK.

Carbon Footprint

We reduce & offset the carbon emissions for all our flight and coach groups, as well as our own emissions we create through running our business. We have partnered with to realise this. CF makes it easy for us to do this, and has multiple projects and areas where the offset we provide is used to better the environment. Currently True North is supporting tree planting in the UK.

Chemmy Alcott

Olympian, presenter, coach, mother, wife & business owner, Chemmy Alcott is a great edition to our team. Chemmy's knowledge and insight to skiing are as you would expect priceless, however her insight into citizenship, personal development and "anything is possible" stands just as prominent.  Chemmy is an advisor, friend and inspiration to us at True North.

Rockley Watersports

Chris and Simon are both watersports enthusiasts, definitely with Chris at the "helm". We have a history with Rockley, a company that shares the same set of values to customers, people and service as True North. Established over 40 years ago, they offer watersports residentials for schools in the UK and France and a RYA training centre with a large range of courses available to improve water skills and gain qualifications for all ages. 

CDC Performance

Chemmy & Dougie, top athletes in their own right offer training camps for children and adults and an introduction to racing. We collaborate with CDC to offer something different for our adult and corporate groups who are looking to develop their skills through a coaching approach rather than the traditional ski tuition.

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