What we did this Summer - Summer school 2022

For the second year running we organised a Summer school for a new intake of students starting in September. Following the popularity and success of our first one last year we were asked to run it again this Summer. The Headteacher's feedback was whilst it is difficult to measure he had noticed that last year's intake settled into secondary school life better than any other and he attributes that largely to the Summer school program.   

Whilst True North's core business is and always will be school ski trips our team also has the experience and knowledge to organise challenging and exciting team building programmes. We design these around your requirements and have a wide selection of themes, activities and workshops which can be tailored to make them suitable for all ages from primary school students to adults.   

The week this year was themed around The Commonwealth Games. The students were split into teams and each team represented a Commonwealth country. The students researched and learned about their countries history and culture and shared that in the spectacular opening ceremony which they had also made flags for.
Over the course of the week they took part in a variety of team building challenges where they  competed against each other. They learned how to build shelters, find water and light fires during our Bushcraft challenge. They competed in orienteering challenges, built amazing catapults on a budget and competed in track and field events. On the final day the parents came along to watch the final closing ceremony that the teams had created and rehearsed.

We thoroughly enjoy organising these events and it's amazing to see the students grow in confidence as they get to know each other and their new surroundings. We also employ a team of the schools VI formers to mentor the teams and work alongside our staff to make sure everyone has a brilliant time in a safe controlled environment.

Whether your school already runs a Summer school or it is something that you have been thinking about organising please drop me a line to find out more about what we can offer.

Chris Beaumont    
0333 090 6115