Morbi in sem

Going on a school ski trip is one of the most fun and exhilarating experiences you can have in the school calendar. For many students its their first experience of snow and the fun goes way beyond the skiing and snowboarding. The build up to leaving the school to head to the airport or jump on the coach heading to the ferry can seem a long way away, but it comes round quickly and before you know it you will have switched your school uniform for your ski trip school hoody and will be in a very different playground.

Morbi in sem

This page is to provide you all with some all round information to get you into the spirit of your trip. Your school will provide you with the trip details, what where and how, but we like to think after many years in the alps we have a few tips and hints we can give you which are beyond the where to be at what time and what to bring, but if asked we can provide that information too...

Memory maker

"Pictures paint a thousand words" - here's a great tutorial - a how to if you like on using your phone or camera to get those alpine shots.

Get you up to speed and in the "snow" zone