Performance camps with Chemmy Alcott & CDC Performance

Our first group of the season wasn't a school or corporate group but a performance camp organised by Chemmy Alcott's CDC Performance. 

This years camp took place over 4 days in Hintertux - Austria and our group were blessed with plenty of snow providing perfect ski conditions. 

The coaching team have years of race experience and are all passionate and talented and helped the group take their skiing to the next level with demos, continued feedback and tasks set up on a giant slalom course. Although the group were pushed with their skiing it is a fun, supportive, social environment with people sharing a few drinks in the evening.  

The group absolutely loved the camp saying they had an awesome time with amazing coaches and will be coming back next year.

If you would like to join us for next Winter's camp and take your skiing to the next level with world class coaches please drop us an email - and we'll keep you informed of dates and resort.

The only requirement is that you can ski a black run confidently